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Getting married in India, the traditional way

Ruchi Batra

By Ruchi Batra

Marriage is a thing which makes every individual on earth vary, to do or not do, is the question. Well, ask them who are in love and they will tell you how rubbish this is. Ask those who are marrying by the arranged marriage system that how desperate they are to either get married or get out of the system running as fast as they can. Now, the point is, getting married is no big deal when you are in love, but doing so if you are not, is quite a decision to make. Most of the time, marriage in India, is carried out in the same manner, in the arranged marriage. The occasion is different, the feelings are different, definitely unlike the western world, where couples know each other in and out. The elements of a shy and coy bride, in an Indian marriage is incomparable, when compared to western brides. If you are thinking of getting married in India, then you might just have scored, not only on the grand factor, but also on the sacredness of the relationship that a man and a woman share in Indian marriages.

Want to bring some purity into your relationship? Then marriage in India is the right choice. The lure of getting married in an exotic location, isn't the only lure that anyone of you might think when you are planning to tie the knot, in India. The location, the itinerary might excite the guests more than the bride and groom. It is the couples emotions and the couples wishes that matter.

The Indian way of getting married starts from abstinence as, traditionally Indian couples, are not allowed to be intimate before marriage. If you are planning to get married in India then you might as well drop all your pretenses of a relationship and get ready to be married the traditional way, the arranged marriage way. You might be asked to not to talk to each other until you get married, you might be taken into the realm of shopping that you might have never dreamed of, but all is worth, when on D day, you sit in front of your partner and with all your heart and purity, you give yourself to your hereafter better half. Marriage in India can be done on many locations, in many ways, it can be a crowded affair, it can be an only friends and family affair, it can even be an out and out Bollywood wedding, choose anything to make the Indian wedding of yours as memorable as the smile of your partner when you first saw them.

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