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Community-Wide Free-Swap & Marketplace!

Carmelle Mohr

By Carmelle Mohr

Good morning,
My name is Carmelle Mohr and I am a senior student at Augustana. This year Augustana hosts its third annual Score! Community-Wide Free-Swap & Marketplace event on November 1st. The event is very large this year as we will feature local farmers and food producers from Stoney Creek Natural Foods Society, Country Accent, and the Duggan Farmers Market, and local Up-Cycling experts. One of the main purposes of this event is to bring Camrose community members and Augustana students together; a rare occurance currently. Will you please help us? We need help inviting the Camrose community to this event. Below, I have included a larger descrition of the event for your information. I would love to speak with you more about this event at your earliest convenience.
Thank you very much!
Carmelle Mohr

Score! Community-Wide Free-Swap & Marketplace
A marketplace where all goods are free to give and free to take.
A belief in local means of production, basic-needs wealth, the re-distribution of goods, reciprocity, and most of all, community.
This year Augustana host the 3rd annual Score! event on November 1, a main event during Sustainability Awareness Week. From 2-6pm the Forum and Faith & Life Lounge will transform into a community marketplace where all goods are free to give and take. On October 31 between 8am-6pm, drop off any unwanted items in Augustana's Forum. Then come back for the community party the next day! Meet students, staff, faculty and community members. Have conversations about the history of Camrose, farming practices, local food, Do It Yourself (DIY) techniques, and more! Peruse the clothing tables after you've picked up a few of your favourite vinyls and have our photographer take your picture in your new outfit. Check out the Scorest of the Score! Auction and bid on a favourite item or two. (All proceeds go toward local Sahahakarini Inter-World Development and Education Association). Head over to the Faith & Life Lounge where you can meet local farmers and even purchase your groceries for the week straight from the vine. Then, check out the DIY Training Area where you can learn how to up-cycle your life from local experts. Learn how to make a grocery bag out of a pillow case, a travelling journal out of an old textbook, and how to tune up your own bicycle. Then, wander back to Sahakarini's table, grab a drink and chat the day away!
Any goods that remain after Score! will be returned back to the community through the wonderful civil society groups in Camrose.
It is our hope that Score! fosters a community spirit, brings together diverse demographics of people, nurtures conversation around community and rural history, helps re-distribute goods more equally, reduces waste, provides instruction about up-cycling techniques, raises awareness about Sahakarini's programs, inspires alternatives to global production dependency, and ultimately nurtures the social web and resiliency of the Camrose community. All are welcome! Please come and participate in this with us!

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