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Province launches tax rebate for delinquent wells

It is interesting to read that Minister McCuaig-Boyd finally met with the Camrose County Council to discuss the problem of 129 delinquent oil companies not paying their ($664,778.15) taxes in Nov. 23’s story in the Camrose Canadian, “Province launches tax rebate program for delinquent wells.” Her staunch announcement that.

“Eskimo” is not a derogatory or offensive term

The word “Eskimo” is believed to have derived from the French word “esquimaux” which means “one who weaves snowshoes.” There is nothing derogatory or racist about the word. Although it has fallen out of favour as the preferred term for the native people of Canada’s north, it is still the word used by the indigenous people of Alaska to refer to them

Canada needs changes for fair and equitable tax sy

MP Kevin Sorenson, in your report from parliament that I received on Oct 19, you requested that constituents share their views with you, so I am doing that. I resent you using my tax dollars to send me blatant partisan propaganda.

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