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The food festival at Augustana featured the cuisines of many different cultures. Marilou Yampolsky/ Special to the Canadian

Bringing the world together through food

The international students of Augustana put on their first international food fare to demonstrate the number of cultures that make up our country, and the Augustana campus on Jan 22.

Let's be realistic this January!

It’s January, people. Welcome to guilt trips, fad diets, gym memberships you’ll pay for and not use. Welcome to more guilt. Ah, the month that screams healthy eating, weight loss, new year’s resolutions. Why is it that when Jan. 1 appears on the calendar we make our annual trip to the bathroom scale and feel the weight of the world when we see we f

I wish you a wonderful season filled with great food and great company. Metro News Service

Merry Christmas from the Food page

It’s hard to believe this will be the last article in the Food page in 2016! As I look back on this past year, I think we’ve sampled a lot of new restaurants together, chatted through many food topics, ideas and common food interests.

Health Canada is currently working on updating the Canada Food Guide to make it meet the needs of more Canadians. (Metro News Service)

Health Canada adjusts food guide

Though many people may not think of it on a regular basis, Canada’s Food Guide is the jumping off point for many people across the country in making sure they receive proper nutrients every day.

Gingerbread fortresses, trains, houses and men are great for decorating (and eating when no one is looking). Metro News Service

Enjoy food traditions at Christmas

Kids are opening their daily fill of chocolates in their advent calendars, the elf on a shelf has made an appearance in many homes, the baking frenzy has begun and nuts ‘n’ bolts are in the oven in preparation for the upcoming Christmas season!

Every meal at Pan Flame is prepared fresh. Even the naan bread is made from scratch and cooked in a tandoor right to order. Marilou Yampolsky

Explore Indian cuisine at Pan Flame

One of the great things about writing the Food section in The Camrose Canadian is having the opportunity to go check out some great restaurants and sample their best cuisine. But the best part is meeting the people behind the counter who prepare it!

Boo-Berry Bats Over Blue Moons

Start a new spooky tradition this Halloween

Holidays are a great opportunity to change up family meals and favourite snacks into seasonal fun foods everyone will look forward to year after year. I have a friend who makes fun and creepy food for an entire week before Halloween, and I’m always amazed at what she comes up with. Her family looks forward to her daily creations, and it adds some f

Pumpkins provide a healthy, fun alternative to butter or oil in recipes and can be pureed and frozen to be enjoyed throughout the year. (Metro News Service)

Pumpkins: more than just a porch decoration

If you are of the belief that there’s nothing yummier than pumpkin…this is your season! It all starts in September with Starbucks’ pumpkin spiced latte. At Thanksgiving we enjoyed pumpkin pie, and soon we’ll be flocking to the grocery stores and pumpkin patches to choose the perfect pumpkin to carve for the front steps, roasting the seeds and makin

Dinner Deva Evalynn Ross prepares everything from freezer meals, to full catering services to edible fruit arrangements. (Supplied)

Homemade food, customized to your needs

Here’s a test of your willpower. Go visit the Dinner Deva in Gateway Centre and see if you can stay on topic for more than five minutes with the amazing smells wafting from her kitchen.

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