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'Ready Player One' is a trip down memory lane

Right from the beginning this movie had drawing power. From its clever trailers with an unforgettable soundtrack to the feeling of nostalgia it gave us ’80s kids and gamers, it was pure gold. Coming from the master, Steven Spielberg, this movie is set out to be a sure fire hit before it even hit screens. So, based on the Ernest Cline best seller, W

'Tomb Raider' thrills, 'Love, Simon' inspires

I gotta be honest, this was one franchise that deserved a reboot. After the train wreck that Angelina Jolie’s pair of movies, the Tomb Raider game fans deserved justice for a character that turned 22 this year.

'Game Night' delivers on comedic promise

I gotta be honest, in the last little while there haven’t been too many good comedies released. So, when I saw trailers for Game Night, I was kind of excited. Add to the mix, the fact that it was made by the guys who brought us Horrible Bosses (which I loved) and it starred Jason Bateman, I figured this was a sure-fire thing. In the end, I really w

Marvel redeems itself with 'Black Panther'

Marvel continues its universe that has now been a part of our lives for 10 years. When Iron Man came out in 2008, I don't even think the producers knew how big they would get. Now, here we are, a decade later, and we are celebrating another installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Black Panther.

'15:17 to Paris' a story of friendship, courage

Legendary actor turned famous director, Clint Eastwood has been good in bringing us films that hit home. His last film, American Sniper was just short of a masterpiece with Bradley Cooper shining in his role. This time around he decided to get even more involved. In The 15:17 to Paris, Eastwood did something quite revolutionary – he got the real he

'Winchester' a well-crafted ghost story

Many films release, calling themselves "based on/inspired by actual events." With most, you need to take it with a grain of salt, as many artistic liberties are taken to change just enough of the source material to make it its own little story. The case is especially noted in ghost movies. That said, I am a sucker for a good ghost movie, so when Wi

'Maze Runner' impresses until the very end

When the film, The Maze Runner hit screens in 2014 it came as quite the sleeper hit. The James Dashner novels were known to some but weren't seemingly in mainstream media ... yet. The follow up movie, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials came out the following year and continued to tell the great story that it really was. However, a gap of three years se

'Jumanji' scores big with sequel

Ever since we lost Robin Williams back in 2014, it seemed to go without saying that nobody will touch his characters. Then Disney decided to add Aladdin to its list of unnecessary live-action remakes, coming soon. While there could be potential in this project, seeing that Will Smith will be filling in the role for the Genie makes my optimism rathe

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