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Memories make the best treasures 

By Glenda Beagle, Camrose Canadian Contributor

Travelling is about the memories you bring home and sharing cultures and experiences where ever you go. Supplied/Glenda Beagle 

Travelling is about the memories you bring home and sharing cultures and experiences where ever you go. Supplied/Glenda Beagle 

No matter where in the world my journeys have taken me, there are many things that will never change. 


The memories that I capture in my mind and in my heart as I go. These are the memories you’re never going to find in a guide a book, they are the way that an experience makes you feel. The way you feel each and every time you glance back to that memory. The first time I tasted a real gelato in Italy, or the moment in the main square in San Sebastian when the lights came on, or even the moments spent on the front porch of the American Queen as we sailed the Mississippi. Each of these moments are imprinted into me as if they happened yesterday. 

When we travel we create some of the best memories.  

I’ve had the honour of doing many trips in the last dozen years. I’ve seen many destinations I only read about in elementary school, never imagining an opportunity to see it in person. I remember colouring the Indian ocean on many Grade 2 or 3 maps, thinking how cool it would be to one day meet someone who actually had seen it in real life. This past March on an amazing adventure to South Africa, not only did I see the Indian Ocean, I got to put my feet in it.  
Travel is a way to share experiences with others in our lives and those from other countries, cultures and ways of thinking. I am thankful for the memories I’ve made over the years. The time I have been able to spend with my children, my parents, siblings and nephew while travelling together. These are memories captured to last a lifetime. 

My favourite part of travel is the local way of living. To visit the local restaurants where you know the money is going straight into the hands of the business owner. To shop in the stores where the artisans themselves are selling you their creations. Purchasing wine directly from the winemaker’s kitchen in Sicily.  

There is something, as a local business owner here in Camrose, that just speaks to me when I am travelling and meeting with others who have businesses elsewhere. No matter where in the world you are, business brings with it a passion. Sure, I could go online when I get home and purchase a cute little item that says the name of the country I just visited, or I could buy something at the airport, but I love to buy an item that is made just by that artist or company and has an extra special meaning. Shop local means something even when you travel.  

Almost every destination around the world, including right here in Camrose relies at least a little on tourism dollars. 

This is the final week for the Camrose Canadian, and I want to personally thank them for the memories that I have. Over the years as I have volunteered for my community, the Canadian was always the first to offer to send someone to do a story, or to print a story we sent in. They printed follow ups, photos and thank yous. I thank you for the opportunity to inspire local Camrosians to travel the world and explore new horizons. If you are still looking to be inspired by travel you can find me each Wednesday on facebook live at 7 p.m. with our new web show Travel Designed to Inspire, we will be chatting about new destinations and travel style in a video format. You can catch all the updates 

While I understand that everything has to change, it’s also important that we carry the memories with us. It is also important, that we recognize the value of our local businesses so that they too don’t just become a memory. Next time you think of shopping online, make sure you also look to see if there is a local business that can offer you the same. Just a hint: sometimes our local businesses may even have it for you the same day, with no need to pay extra for prime delivery. Let our local businesses be the treasure you find! 



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