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'Lock it or Lose it' next phase of Eyes on Camrose

By Cst. Kelly Bauer, Camrose Canadian Contributor

"Eyes on Camrose" is a community awareness program launched by the Camrose Police Service that is taking hold in our community. Citizens recognize that everyone can play a part in keeping our community safe. There are many different ways that people can be involved. 


Our first initiative was Citizens on Patrol which has already formed an executive. We have an initial group of volunteers who have signed up to be an extra set of eyes and ears while they conduct patrols in our community. Email Camrosecops@gmail.com to get involved.  

Our second initiative is Social Media. Some people love social media while others prefer to keep their distance. People can follow our Facebook page and Twitter account to stay informed on what is happening in Camrose. Awareness is a key to crime prevention. Please follow our page! 

Our third initiative is Curb the Danger which encourages motorists to call 911 if they suspect an impaired driver. With the majority of people owning a cell phone, we have so much potential to keep our streets safe. 

Initiative No. 4 is Lock It or Lose It. Every person who owns property needs to implement this simple crime prevention technique…. locking their property. The Police all too frequently respond to calls regarding stolen property that could have been prevented if the property had been secured. We continually receive calls regarding vehicles which had been rummaged through overnight and items such as money, CD’s, sunglasses, GPS units, etc. are missing. In the vast majority of cases the vehicle was left unlocked.  

Just last week an individual reported that their purse was stolen from their vehicle. The vehicle was left unlocked overnight while parked in front of their residence. A couple days later Police received another call regarding a laptop computer that had been stolen overnight from an unlocked vehicle. A youth reported that his bicycle had been stolen from the bike rack at the swimming pool. The bike was left unlocked. Unlocked garages or sheds are frequently entered resulting in owners missing tools, sporting equipment, and other valuables.  

Suspects also enter attached, unlocked garages and they don’t stop there. Once inside the garage they gain access directly into the home through another unlocked door. Recently a suspect entered a home through the unlocked garage and stole jackets from the rear closet. An interesting investigation a few years ago occurred when a homeowner had his truck stolen from inside his attached garage. Police were able to track the suspect’s footprints in the fresh snow. The suspect checked several locked garages (including my own) but never made any attempts to gain entry. He continued for two blocks checking one locked garage door after another until he came across the unlocked garage. Once inside the attached garage he then entered the house where he found the keys for the pick-up truck that was parked inside the garage. The most difficult part of that theft for the suspect was walking two blocks until he found an easy victim.    

Lock it or Lose It is such as simple way to protect your property.  Locking your property is an effective prevention technique that works. The majority of thefts are crimes of opportunity where the criminal will chose the easy theft over the theft that is more difficult. Don’t allow yourself to become an easy victim of property crime. Lock it or Lose it. 


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