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For the Love of Food – Food Artisans of Camrose County

By Jennifer Filip, Camrose Canadian Contributor

Photo by Grey Arrow Farm

Photo by Grey Arrow Farm

There is nothing better than the taste of fresh produce, homemade preserves or homemade baking! Knowing where your food comes from and that it is grown or raised without chemicals or hormones has become increasingly important to consumers and is driving the desire to source and shop local. As a result, local food initiatives are on the rise, which also adds to the experience of not only local residents, but also visitors.


Food has always been an important part of tourism as it adds to the visitor experience and connects producers and chefs while featuring culinary talents. In turn, this creates and adds to memorable experiences that enable visitors to see, touch, smell and taste what Alberta has to offer. Food also offers a gateway into various cultures and as visitors are better informed, they are always looking for new or unique experiences and food and drink often help to create these lasting memories.

So what does all this mean for the Camrose region? Many restaurants are looking to source local and feature locally grown and raised items on their menus. Many of the region’s agricultural societies are also looking for locally sourced items for their events.

Whether you are a restaurant or a consumer, how does one find out where to purchase healthy and wholesome local foods? Camrose County has an abundance of local food producers and an initiative started by Camrose County Agricultural Services and run by a volunteer committee help to connect our community and visitors with all of the fantastic local food products that are right on our doorstep.

Food Artisans of Camrose County offer a variety of products to choose from. Whether you are looking to purchase beef, poultry, pork, cheese, eggs, vegetables, honey, preserves or even baked good, you can find it all within Camrose County. Coming this summer a contest will be held where you could win great prizes featuring local foods. Make sure to follow Food Artisans of Camrose County on both Facebook and Instagram for contest details as well connect with local producers in the region. You can also visit the Camrose County website for a comprehensive list of all our local growers, producers, and processors

Buy local, Eat local, Support local!



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