Disney delivers with story of ‘Coco’

By Cory Menzel, Camrose Canadian Contributor

We all know Disney has had some great hits, but we also know that Disney has had some flops. And in most every case they tell us a tale that previously existed in another form. For the most part Pixar has been great for original, amazing ideas of their own (except maybe Cars). So when I saw the trailers for Coco, I simply thought it would be another Book of Life all over again. I was mistaken.


Coco tells us of young Miguel. Miguel was raised in a family that hated music, due to an incident many generations before his time. But Miguel has a passion for music inside that could not be denied. And it was during Dias de Muertos (the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead), where people celebrate the lives of their deceased relatives and believe they come to visit them from beyond the grave during that one special day, that Miguel found himself magically transported to the Land of the Dead.

Miguel finds out the truth about his heritage and his passion but finds himself trapped in the land.

With no escape in sight, Miguel seeks the help of a man name Hector to save him before he is trapped there forever.

Coco was a visual masterpiece. Every inch of animation was done better than I’ve ever seen. And while films depicting the Day of the Dead are not original, this fresh take will leave you pleased.

I can’t say enough about every facet of this wonderful film. The story is well written and full of heart, and the characters were very loveable (except maybe the antagonist). So I will leave this review short and sweet. Check it out, it’s a must see for the whole family.

Also, until Dec. 10, check out the Disney animated short, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which plays before Coco

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