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“Eskimo” is not a derogatory or offensive term

The word “Eskimo” is believed to have derived from the French word “esquimaux” which means “one who weaves snowshoes.” There is nothing derogatory or racist about the word. Although it has fallen out of favour as the preferred term for the native people of Canada’s north, it is still the word used by the indigenous people of Alaska to refer to themselves. 


It is unfortunate that a few politicians are so ready to make an issue where one does not exist. I would suggest we could give a lot more weight to the opinion of Kiviaq, Canada’s first Inuit lawyer, on the issue. The former Inuit rights activist, Edmonton city councillor, and Eskimo football player, said shortly before he died last year that far from being offended he was proud of the name of the Edmonton Eskimos. I suspect that opinion is the one shared by the majority of his people, and not the politically correct mouthings of a few “leaders”. 

Larry Lewsaw,   


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