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Scott Woods returns to the Bailey for Christmas

By Jessica McNalley, Camrose Canadian

Scott Woods and his sister Kendra Norris will be at the Bailey Theatre on Monday.  Supplied

Scott Woods and his sister Kendra Norris will be at the Bailey Theatre on Monday. Supplied

Stunt fiddler Scott Woods will be bringing the sweet sounds of twin fiddles, a step-dancer, family humour, and inspiring stories to Camrose.  


The Scott Woods Band has played in Camrose many times before but they have not played a Christmas show in 12 years, but the fans requested it so they are coming here to help ring in the season. 

They are stopping at the Bailey Theatre on Monday at 7 p.m., as part of their tour that stretches across five provinces with 34 shows in 34 days. 

It will be a Branson-style live show, named after Branson, Mo., a hub for tourists to see different artist and shows. These shows are high-class, professional shows, with Southern gospel style of music complete with fancy lights and effects.   

“The show will be a very wholesome, with a grassroots, homely feel,” said Woods. 

Woods’ mom, Carolyn (Dyer) Woods, learned to play the trumpet and piano at a young age, but later picked up fiddling as well. She got her love for the fiddle from her great grandpa, who was a fifth-generation fiddler. 

Woods’ dad, Merv Woods, was a fourth-generation fiddler and he also enjoyed playing the saxophone. With his love for music he decided to start a band. A few years later, one of their band members quit and he needed a new piano player. When he heard about this 15-year-old girl who could play the piano, trumpet, and fiddle he contacted her and asked her to be in the band.  

Dyer agreed to be a part of his band, and together they started playing big band arrangements. Their performances, featuring a combination of jigs, jazz and classical music, were full of energy and excitement. After six years of playing together, they started dating and latter got married.  

Woods, the youngest of four, grew up surrounded by music because of the band. He started by playing classical music on the piano and violin when he was four, but he eventually got bored of classical music. So his dad made a deal with him. If he did his scales for a few hours his dad would teach him jigs or reels on the fiddle. Woods found fiddle practice way more fun and exciting than the classical music he was already learning.  

“I wanted to be like the rest of the family and go out playing the fiddle and performing all over the country,” said Woods. 

When Woods grew up, his dad encouraged him to take over the band. The senior Woods took over as the sound man and manager until he passed away in 2003. He was able to use his dad’s contacts to keep the band going, but now as The Scott Woods Band.  

Woods and his sister Kendra Norris now work full time to keep the band going. Their mom sometimes helps out as well, for special shows she will come out on stage and play with the band. They want to keep the spirit of the family band alive.  

Woods is now known as the Flipping-Fiddler and will be doing some stunt songs at the show, including summersaults, walking on barrels and much more, all while playing the fiddle. He has earned numerous awards for his trick fiddling. Norris is a retired teacher but has come back to play twin fiddle with her brother while pulling doubling duty on the accordion. Guitar player Steve Piticco who has won a Canadian Country Music Award for Guitar Player of the Year, bass player Peter Sisk and drummer Bill Carruthers will all be playing alongside the Woods.  

Leo Stock, 12, from Stratford Ont., will also be performing his step-dancing skills at the show. Stock has been performing since he was four years old, and although Stock has performed many times before, this will be his first tour.  

Tickets are $25 for adults, $10 for kids (ages 6-12), and kids 5 and under are free. They are available at Wisemen’s Way Bookstore. Doors open at 6 p.m. 

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