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CPS seize weapons in search of residence

By Josh Aldrich, Camrose Canadian

Camrose Police Services seized a small arsenal of weapons in a search of a four-plex on Mount Pleasant Drive on Nov. 8. Supplied

Camrose Police Services seized a small arsenal of weapons in a search of a four-plex on Mount Pleasant Drive on Nov. 8. Supplied

Four people have been charged following a Camrose Police Service search of a residence that turned up six firearms, other weapons, and a small quantity of drugs and items related to drug trafficking. 

The Nov. 8 search took place at about 3 p.m. at a four-plex on Mount Pleasant Drive that had been part of an ongoing investigation, with CPS officers responding to 33 calls in three months to the location. 

“This particular investigation was in regards to firearms and other weapons in the residence,” said Sgt. John Corbett, who runs the CPS Major Crimes Unit. “Our investigation culminated on Nov. 8 when we had enough grounds to obtain a search warrant to enter the residence and search for those items.” 

The firearms were well hidden in various locations throughout the residence. Police seized a Savage Model 99 rifle, a Ruger Model 1022 rifle, a sawed-off Excel shotgun, a Remington Model 80 Express, a Remington 12-gauge shotgun, a Gevar M22 rifle, two BB airsoft pistols, a Galeforce crossbow, two swords and ammunition. The Ruger was determined to have been stolen from a residence in Leduc, while the Gevar had also been sawed-off and modified to have a pistol grip. 

They also recovered lock picking instruments, approximately two grams of cocaine, multiple prescription codeine pills, several cell phones and other items related to drug trafficking. 

Corbett said they have not connected the group to any gangs, but they were familiar with them. 

“This is a group of individuals that is known … to the police in Camrose,” said Corbett. 

He added often times firearms like this are acquired through thefts and that people should be vigilant of suspicious activity, especially in rural areas. 

Generally, when firearms are modified the way some of these were, there is usually only one purpose intended for them. 

“Typically we’ll see offenders with these types of (firearms) where the barrels are sawed off typically used for criminal activity, as either a show of force or use in a crime because they can be easier to conceal,” said Corbett. 

Camrose is still largely a safe community, said Corbett, but it is important to understand that no community is immune from this level of crime. 

Previous complaints at the residence included noise, disturbances with neighbours and other people, dangerous dog complaints, stolen property and vehicle theft investigations, fraud investigations, drug activity, assault and weapons issues. 

“We received a number of calls and assistance from the community that assisted us in our investigation and assisted us in our arrests and our seizure of firearms,” said Corbett. “I would encourage anyone to report suspicious activity in their neighbourhood to the police. It can be done anonymously. We are here to make the community a safer place.”  

Shawnna Julia Ann Pelletier, 32, Nicholas William Baker, 29, Michael Joseph Klemm 31, and Shylia Lee Grosfield, 30, all of Camrose have been jointly charged with a total of 42 offences ranging from firearms/weapons offences, possession of stolen property, possession of break in instruments, and possession of controlled substances. Pelletier was additionally charged with breaching several conditions of her recognizance and of her probation order. 

They were scheduled to appear in Camrose Provincial Court this past Wednesday. 


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