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John Welsh Band back at Bailey

By Jessica McNalley, Camrose Canadian

The John Welsh Band performs Friday at 8 p.m. at the Bailey Theatre

The John Welsh Band performs Friday at 8 p.m. at the Bailey Theatre

When Latin music, West African reggae, and folk rock rhythms come together to make one sound we get the John Welsh Band.  

As the Canada 150 celebration continues at the Bailey Theatre in Camrose, the John Welsh Band is the British Columbia representative for music. They will be performing their high energy, upbeat show at the Bailey on Friday at 8 p.m. The performance will be their first since their last tour, and it is also their only public show planned for Alberta this year. 

The John Welsh Band played the Bailey back in 2015, and they had so much fun with the crowd that they couldn’t wait to come back.  

“Crowd participation is the most important part of our shows,” said Josh Welsh.  

At their shows you often find conga-lines which can get as big as 100 people. Their sing-along choruses allow everyone in the crowd to be involved in the music.  

Welsh studied Latin music, language, and culture in Mexico and Guatemala. With all of his studies he is able to sing fluently in both English and Spanish.  

Welsh started by playing venues with his brother Chris, who plays bass in the band. Then they met Courage Eligbike, their percussion player, and he brought a West African Reggae style of music to the band. The two sounds, Latin folk rock and reggae, blended so well together that they decided to form The John Welsh Band. They also use keyboard, saxophone, and electric guitar. 

“We are actually from a small town in British Columbia, so we prefer to play in the smaller towns, like Camrose,” said Welsh, who is from Fraser Valley.  

He says the smaller towns often have more hospitality and are more down to earth and they feel like they are treated better by the communities.   

During the summer they play in Canada and Northern U.S. When it is winter here they choose to play in Southern U.S. and Mexico. They follow the warm weather because they love to play outside and enjoy the atmosphere.  

Their new single “Vámanos Mia Chica” was released this year and has been ranked at No. 2 on the iTunes Canadian World Music Chart. It is a part of the Sayulita album. 

Their new live music video, “Sayulita” got an unexpected one million views from Mexico in the first month it was released. This video is on YouTube along with all the songs from their biggest album, On the Road.  

Tickets are $25 and are available for purchase at the Bailey Theatre box office or online. 

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