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Geostorm delivers thrills

By Cory Menzel, Camrose Canadian Contributor

Dean Devlin, the director of Geostorm, is fairly new in the director’s chair.  

He has, however, produced almost 30 flicks, some of them with director Roland Emmerich. If that name doesn’t sound familiar, the titles will. Movies like Independence Day (and its recent sequel), Godzilla (1996), The Patriot, and Stargate were all joint efforts with Devlin and Emmerich. With those titles in mind, we have Geostorm.  

Geostorm tells us of a not too distant future where a group of international scientists have worked together to create the ultimate satellite-based system to prevent weather-based disasters before they happen. Led by the hot-headed Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler), this project, called the Dutch Boy, has revolutionized the weather and has saved countless lives in the process. However, Lawson’s disregard for authority and unprofessional antics get him fired from his job with the program. Unfortunately, three years later, the Dutch Boy seems to have gone haywire and its very system is causing weather catastrophes across the globe, leading to a large amount of human causalities. Knowing the only man who can fix the Dutch Boy is its lead creator, the government is forced to rehire Lawson and send him back up in space to stop it from systematically destroying the whole planet with a series of disasters, with magnitudes never before witnessed. 

The reason I brought up the Roland Emmerich collaboration in the beginning is to point out just how much influence he had on Devlin when making this flick. While Emmerich didn’t receive any sort of credit for this one, the style certainly showed. Emmerich had a patented way of destroying the Earth, and Devlin used a lot of the very same styles. All in all, the action was great, keeping you on the edge of your seat at the right times. 

The plot, albeit not this film’s focal point, had a degree of reality to it, making it feel like this could happen. Finally, the special effects were pretty top notch. 

This movie was exactly what it was trying to be: a good, old fashioned, popcorn flick that dazzles that much more on the big screen. 

Head on over to Duggan Cinemas to check it out. 


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