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Canada needs changes for fair and equitable tax system

MP Kevin Sorenson, in your report from parliament that I received on Oct 19, you requested that constituents share their views with you, so I am doing that.  I resent you using my tax dollars to send me blatant partisan propaganda. I have no love for the Liberal government, so what really angers me is that inaccuracies in your report force me to defend the Liberals. But we have to be honest, Kevin. 


In your report, you used the terms tax or taxes 37 times. With all that attention to taxes we clearly got your message that the Liberals are raising taxes. However, according to the parliamentary budget office, the accountants who oversee government revenues, the Liberal government has lowered Canada’s overall tax burden when they lowered the tax rate on the middle class. The Liberals have lowered taxes, Kevin, but that is not the impression you gave us. 

Kevin, you stated that the Conservatives agree that “Canada’s tax system should be fair and equitable.” You know that right now it isn’t fair and equitable. Ample evidence shows that Canada has a significant problem with some very wealthy people paying little or no tax. We need that to change. The Liberals proposals to remove the tax loopholes used by the very wealthy to avoid taxes are a legitimate attempt to make the system fairer. Unfortunately, the Liberals have been clumsy and careless, and their proposals would have far too many negative side effects. You should tell us how those unfair loopholes can be removed without harming farmers and small businesses. But don’t just defend the unfair loopholes. You can’t say that you are for a tax system that is fair and equitable and then defend tax loopholes that make it unfair and inequitable. 

Both Rona Ambrose and Andrew Scheer said that after all the negativity of the Harper years, the Conservatives were going to do better. I am still waiting.  Kevin, you need to stop the blatant propaganda and earn our support by working to move Canada forward in these difficult times. 


Rob Hill,


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