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‘Happy Death Day’ and ‘The Foreigner’ surprise

By Cory Menzel, Camrose Canadian Contributor



Hi everyone. I’m back! I shall try to entertain, enthrall, and inform you as we journey into my mind and get to hear what I think of the newest movies. 

‘Happy Death Day’

When I first saw the trailer for Happy Death Day, I was both disappointed and mesmerized. Its concept is not original necessarily, but it was an interesting take. The genre would technically be slasher flick, but it was a smart slasher flick (something that doesn’t come around very often). I figured I’d be disappointed … I was wrong. 

Happy Death Day follows a college student named Tree (you find out it’s short for Teresa, but what a terrible name!). Tree wakes up hung over in an unfamiliar dorm room after partying it up too much the night before. As the day progresses, we find out it is Tree’s birthday, and en route to a party that evening, she is accosted by a person in a mask of the school mascot, and subsequently murdered. Seems like the making of a short movie. But wait. The second after she is killed, she wakes up in the same dorm room as the morning, but worse yet, everything is happening exactly how it did that very morning. As the day goes on, she ends up still falling victim to the same masked killer … and waking up to relive the day again. Can Tree use this unfortunate series of circumstances to solve her own murder, before she doesn’t wake up? 

As I said, not necessarily original in some way, yet the movie finds a way to be kind of innovative at the same time. In the end, I really dug this flick. They set it up in a way where anyone could be the killer. And while figuring it out early is still possible, just sit back and enjoy the ride. The best comparison I give is the late Harold Ramis’ Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray and the late Wes Craven’s Scream starring Neve Campbell. It was a thrill ride guessing game until the end, with a twist that delivers.  

‘The Foreigner’

Jackie Chan was seemingly getting soft, his last few credits were for the kids’ movies (The Nut Job 2 and The Lego Ninjago Movie). He’s getting up there in age, and has done so much to keep us entertained in the past, I can’t say I blamed him. Then I saw a trailer for The Foreigner. As it turns out, he may have some left in the tank after all. 

Chan plays Quan, a father whose daughter is killed in a large explosion in London. Not dealing well with the loss, he begins continuously visiting the police station, just to see if there is any news. However, he soon finds out he may have to take things into his own hands if he wants results. He soon sets his sights on a government official with former IRA ties (Pierce Brosnan) that may have the answers he needs. The flick turns into a cat-and-mouse game as Quan stops at nothing to get his answers, and leaves a trail of destruction in his path. The question is, can he get his answers before they get him?  

If nothing else, this film proved that Jackie Chan still has skill. The characters had depth, and even Pierce Brosnan flexed his acting muscles to pull off a very impressive Irish accent. The action wasn’t the primary part of the movie, as this flick was very story heavy, but when the action was called upon, it did not disappoint. The double crossing made for great plot twists, in this superbly written piece. 

I fear this movie will be overlooked by its minimal advertising, so let me be the first to convince you to watch this. 

Check out Duggan Cinemas in the Duggan Mall, tell them Cory sent you. Maybe I’ll see you there. Coming soon, Geostorm among others hit the big screen. Read all about it, next week. 


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