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By Josh Aldrich, Camrose Canadian

On Oct. 16 voters are being sent to the polls once again to decide who will represent us and lead us for the next four years.


To help in the process of getting to know who the candidates are in each of the three local elections, the Camrose Canadian contacted every candidate in every riding where there will be a ballot and asked them to let you know, in 150 words or less, why they have decided to run.

Not every candidate responded to our invitation, and we do not view that as an indictment on them, just a missed opportunity. They are still included on the final page of our package.

For the municipal election, there are three candidates running for mayor of Camrose and 12 running for the eight council seats.

For Camrose County, there will only be two ballots, one for Division 2, between Ken Krause and Cindy Trautman, and in Division 5 between Robert Lee and Brian Wiloughby.

In Battle River School Division, there will be two local ballots, with three candidates running for City of Camrose — Norm Erickson, Natalie Severson, Valerie Sims — and Camrose County North — Karen Belich, John Girvan and Penny Martin.

So get out and exercise your democratic right on Monday and vote.


Wayne Massick

First term candidate

I am running for mayor to show not only a better way of running for the office but how to be a better mayor. For an example, you can look around Camrose for a “Massick for Mayor” sign and you will not see one, also you will not get a flyer in your mailbox.

First, I will not add to the landfill.

Second, I don’t think that an election at this level of government should be decided on how many flyers choke our mailboxes or how many signs you get on some yard.

Third, at this level of government a candidate should not have to build a large campaign chest though donations and their own money. I will not buy a seat on city council.

This election for mayor should be won or lost on the merit of the candidate.

You decided Camrose.


Mayor Norm Mayer

Four years on council

I am running for another term on council because of my passion for the City of Camrose and I want to make a difference.

I want to ensure your tax dollars are invested wisely with appropriate allocation to the arts, recreation, city infrastructure, green space, protective services, economic development, public works and transportation and administration. 

Council, almost without exception, and citizens alike have been very pleased with the path we set this past term and our established strategic direction for the future. I want to be on-hand to oversee and make sure the projects currently in the works do not get derailed: roadway/sidewalk improvement, the pool expansion/renovation, the 48th Avenue bridge replacement, and wastewater facility upgrade.

I want to continue paying down our city’s debt. We made terrific progress this term.

I want a city that offers affordable living and quality of life for all who choose to proudly call our beautiful city their home. 


Coun. Bill Sears

Four years on council

I believe it is time for council to be visionary, long term thinking, and strategic. To achieve this, we need to determine what we would like Camrose to look like in 10 or 25 years and develop policies and strategies to move towards that goal. 

A few of the many issues that matter to me include: 

• Improvements to public transportation. 

• Diversity on council.

• Reduce the city’s environmental impact and encouraging residents to do the same. 

• Ensuring the Aquatic Centre upgrades are adequate for our future needs (do it once, do it right). 

• Ensuring that the Library has sufficient space for its programs and collection. 

Cooperating regionally and working hard to ensure all available federal and provincial monies are obtained so that the continuous road, sewer, water and regular infrastructure repairs, growth and improvements can be realized is critical. 

On Oct.16, vote for my experience and my willingness to listen to you and work together for a better future for Camrose.




Tim Doering

First-term candidate

I decided to run because I enjoy being involved in municipal governance and it is a fine way to be of service to the citizens and community of Camrose.

 I have lived 27 years in Red Deer, 20 years in St. Albert, 11 years in Viking and now retired for two years in Camrose.

I completed a 40-year career with ATCO Gas with my last position held being District Supervisor Viking District, responsible for ATCO Gas operations in 26 East Central Alberta communities.

While in Viking I served two terms on the Viking Town Council.

I am also Chairman of the Board for Community Futures East Central Alberta.

I offer integrity, experience, common sense, new eyes, and a fresh perspective on keeping Camrose the great city it is, while “remembering” the good Christian values and moral culture that has made Camrose what it is today.

We retired to Camrose by choice and I would be pleased to have the opportunity of serving you and the community for the next four years.


Julie Girard

First term candidate

As president of the Camrose Chamber of Commerce, Girard has worked hard to bring the city’s various business communities together to work on common issues and to promote the community. She would like to employ the same philosophy as a member of Camrose City Council. 

Girard feels ones of the greatest responsibilities a city councillor has is to be present in the community and to speak with a voice that represents a broad perspective. 

One of the things that all communities strive for is to create economic development by attracting new business and industry. However, in an increasingly competitive world, Girard believes Camrose needs to be prepared to stand out not only as an industry-friendly community but as an exciting and progressive place which appeals to young people and families. 

In addition to serving as Chamber president, she has also volunteered as a member of the Physician Attraction Committee and Municipal Planning Committee. 


Anthony Holler

First term candidate

Fiscal responsibility — I feel municipalities and its government should always be aware of the responsibility of its government to spend tax payer’s dollars wisely. 

Housing —We need more seniors housing for the aging population. Creating new spaces for seniors and long-term care. Unfortunately, we still need more affordable housing as well. 

Infrastructure — Continue to invest in infrastructure and projects that benefit the citizens of Camrose and surrounding communities. 

Funding outside charities and bailouts — I think we should learn to say no to facility bailouts to failed strategic planning from outside organizations. Unless the facility is already owned by the city. We need to continue to bring in events that will help with sustained growth and prosperity.

Economic development — Continue to bring major events and increase the number of new residents to Camrose. We need to find ways to stimulate the economy. 

I hope I can share my new vision of Camrose and hope the people of Camrose will vote for me on Oct. 16. 


Coun. Agnes Hoveland

Four years on council

I would like to continue building on the momentum of the last four years in addressing our city’s needs. Infrastructure needs, such as the aquatic centre, road improvements, and wise energy choices like photovoltaic installations and LED street lighting. 

Equally important is strengthening a healthy and vibrant community with a focus on our social infrastructure, working with our partners towards more poverty reduction strategies, affordable housing, services and programs. 

Increase the focus on the vital role arts and culture play in the life of our community. Participation and celebration of arts, culture and creativity are essential to the life and health of our community and must be part of community planning and development. 

We do not reside on a major corridor so attracting and retaining some types of industry, businesses and organizations can be a challenge. Therefore, we can strategically focus on intentional growth, exploring opportunities and building on the partnerships and existing strengths of our community such as in education, health care and seniors services. 


Coun. Kevin Hycha

Four years on council

Being Elected to Camrose City Council four years ago was a great privilege. During that time I have gained knowledge and experience which is why I am excited and ready to continue. I am anxious to see the projects started become a reality and others implemented without putting a strain on the city taxes and/or resources of the city. 

During my time on council, I have listen to people’s concerns. Being available and approachable is what the citizens of Camrose deserve. As a family man and a local businessman, my experience and passion for this city is what I believe is needed going forward into the future. 

Camrose is a great city, and I hear that wherever I travel when asked where I live. 

I believe there is much more we can do to make this city greater and that’s why I want to continue to represent the citizens of Camrose on Council this next term.


Cathie Johnson

First term candidate

Any successful business or community needs fresh viewpoints and ideas to continue to grow and thrive. I want to be that new voice for the people of Camrose. I have passion, energy, dedication, and the time to bring to the position if elected. I value safety, whether at home, work, or on the streets. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure. I value family and community, we all have to live together and I believe that little things like picking up litter or holding a door are what make a community strong. As a mom, developing more and maintaining our already strong family programming, is very important. I will strive hard to help keep Camrose a community where families want to make their home. I truly enjoy talking with the members of the community and encourage you to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you have. 


Coun. Max Lindstrand

Ten years on council

It is my belief that experience enables a councillor to make a more effective contribution to the debates and votes that occur at council meetings. 

Camrose is a beautiful city and I hope to support ideas that preserve and enhance Camrose as a wonderful place to live. 

My platform includes promoting upgrades to our roads, keeping an eye on taxes, decreasing debt and increasing reserves, encouraging orderly growth (especially downtown), supporting recreational and cultural opportunities including a new swimming pool, watching out for the needs of low income residents, and listening to all people. 

It is interesting to learn about the management of the city. We are fortunate to have an administration and staff that take pride in Camrose. 

It would be an honour to have the opportunity to serve our community as a councillor for the next four years. I am grateful for the support of our residents in the past and hope for a new mandate on Oct. 16. 


Coun. David Ofrim

Two-and-half years on council

I believe there is considerable value in the experience I have gained since my election two-and-a-half years ago. Participating in council meetings as well as time sitting on various committees has further developed the skills necessary to serve as an elected official. 

If re-elected, I will commit to remain focused on the core services that council is mandated to develop and maintain. The knowledge that the existing councillors gained in this regard through the Municipal Service Level Assessment meetings have given us invaluable information to help guide our decision making as we move forward. Through reasonable and measured deliberation with administration and each other, I am confident that we will arrive at the results which will benefit the community as a whole. We must continue to carefully balance fiscal responsibility with the service levels the City of Camrose provides. 

With your support on Election Day, I would continue to serve in the best interests of community that I have lived in all of my life and within which my wife Karen and I have chosen to raise our family. 


Niel Parker

First term candidate

I care deeply about our community and I want to make a positive impact. 

When I think about all the advantages I had because I grew up in Camrose I feel a deep and abiding gratitude. I want the next generation of kids who grow up here to feel this same way.

Communities thrive when they look towards the future. As a councilor I offer a way to synthesize the best of our traditions with modern science and technology. I want to make sustained, incremental innovations and improvements to the systems and processes of our local government.

I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas with the community. I hope to demonstrate the passion and commitment that I will bring to our local government.

If these messages resonate with you please get in touch with me. I’d love to hear from you.


Coun. PJ Stasko

Four years on council

It has been a tremendous honour and privilege to serve on Camrose City Council. 

It was a steep learning curve and I will like to use that experience to further serve the citizens of Camrose. 

I was introduced to many diverse organizations and committees that take great pride in their contributions to Camrose. I will use the knowledge gained, plus fiscal responsibility, to help guide the City of Camrose towards a bright and exciting future. 

I am a local business owner with a wife and two small children. I have a vested interest in not only for our immediate needs but also long-term opportunities for the citizens and business community. I feel we need to maintain Camrose for the gem it is and continue to improve. 

I realize that not everything is perfect, but I will endeavour to work diligently to try and come up with the best possible solutions.

I am looking forward to the next four years.  Please vote. 


Coun. Wayne Throndson

Ten years on council

The strength of city council is the different perspectives each bring to the job along with a shared desire to maintain and enhance the City of Camrose for the benefit of its citizens.

My desire to seek re-election is to add my perspective as both a lawyer and a local businessman.

While I would not consider myself to a “fiscal hawk” I believe city council must be diligent to ensure that tax dollars are well spent and I think that is one of my strengths.

The next Council will face significant challenges to ensure that property taxes, both residential and commercial, are not increased to unreasonable levels and I believe my experience can be useful in dealing with this task. 

Selfishly, I have enjoyed my time on council and would be privileged to serve another four years if reelected. 


Other Candidates

Coun. Greg Wood



Ken Krause

Four years on council

I have been proud to serve as Camrose County Councillor for Division 2 over the past four years. I have been committed to the job of serving the residents of Division 2 as well as the rest of Camrose County. I have made myself available to all who have called, e-mailed, requested my presence or stopped by with questions and concerns.

Over the last four years on council I have served on many boards and committees. Some of these include the Parkland Regional Library Board, the Municipal Planning Committee, the Camrose Regional Exhibition board,  12/21 Water Commission, Camrose and District Social Services Board and the Fire Protection Committee.

If re-elected I would remain committed to these services as well as to the fire services for the entire Camrose County. I would put in the time and effort required  to fulfill this position to the best of my abilities to the residents of Division 2 as well as making decisions that will benefit Camrose County as a whole.


Cindy Trautman

First term candidate

I believe we live in the best county in our province.

I have been committed to volunteering in my community since I was 16 years old, and I strive to make the rural lifestyle better for everyone.

Camrose County will continue to face challenges brought on by the changes of federal and provincial rules, regulations and budgets, energy sector volatility, the demands of environmental stewardship and the evolving needs of our community.

Leadership and communications skills, financial budgeting, problem solving and decision making will be assets I hope to add to the Camrose County Council.

I am currently treasurer of the Silver Creek Agricultural Society and sit on the Camrose County Communications Committee.

I encourage everyone to vote on Oct 16. 



Robert Lee

Brian Willoughby



Natalie Severson

First term candidate

I am a mother of two children in Battle River School Division.

My main focus is the students of Camrose and to help make a difference.

I am a team player, a hard worker and I am honest and committed.

I believe in making sure that our children have the proper programming and tools to help them achieve their goals. This is a changing world and technology is becoming the way of education.

I also want to ensure welcoming, safe and respectful learning environments.

I am a life learner and I am very excited to learn and grow with our students over the next four years and hopefully longer.

Help me to help the BRSD keep our students and their needs first.


Other Candidates 

Norm Erickson

Valerie Sims



Karen Belich

First term candidate

I am running for the position of school board trustee in Camrose County North because I believe in rural education and the importance of strong community relationships.

Educated within this system myself and as the parent of three children currently attending a rural school, I firmly believe that these schools equip our children well for life and adulthood. Over the past nine years I have been an active member of the Round Hill School Council, which has created many opportunities to have discussions with parents, community members, teachers, Battle River administrators and other leaders within the education system. I am a positive, open person, who enjoys building relationships with people, and appreciate the challenge of engaging with current issues and exploring opportunities for our education system today.

As such, I would like to have the chance to represent the unique needs and interests of rural Albertans in these discussions.


Penny Martin

First term candidate

I am running for public school trustee because education matters and I recognized that our community needed strong and informed representation.

I would like to serve our community, be a voice for students and help ensure the success of our schools. I believe quality education is one of the most essential things we as a community can do to help provide students with the skills and knowledge to better prepare them for life.

I will represent and reflect the interests of our rural communities while making education a public priority and putting the needs of students first. Being a former teacher, I understand education and know what it is like on the front lines, working with students to meet their needs and observing the effects of education initiatives. With my own children enrolled in BRSD, I also have perspective as a parent.

I have gained invaluable leadership and interpersonal skills through both my teaching career and volunteering activities. I am a community-minded, dedicated advocate for quality education.


Other candidates

John Girvan


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