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BRSD fills candidate quota after extension

Battle River School Division needed an extra day, but they will have a full slate of candidates for the Oct. 16 election.


Natalie Severson and Valerie Sims both entered the race for Ward 1, City of Camrose on Tuesday, joining incumbent Norm Erickson on the ballot. As of the Monday deadline, Erickson was the only candidate for the Ward which elects two trustees. The window for nominations reopened on Tuesday between 10 a.m. and noon and Severson and Sims both put their name forward, meaning it will go to the polls for the municipal election. The last time the deadline had to be extended was 10 years ago in a rural ward, but it was filled on the Thursday.   

“We think it’s an important part of the process to have members of the community who have an interest in education be voices at the table,” said BRSD community relations advisor Diane Hutchinson. “It’s part of the democratic process of our country to be able to invite input.” 

There are four wards in the division and each ward has two trustees. 

In Ward 2 for Beaver County East Lyle Albrecht was elected through acclamation, but in Beaver County West there will be an election as Ruth Baerg, Neil Hard and Zsuszanna Hemperger all filled papers. 

In Ward 3 Camrose County North, Karen Belich, John Girvan and Penny Martin have all filed papers, while in Camrose County South Kendall Severson will be elected through acclamation. 

In Ward 4 Flagstaff County, there will be no ballot as board chairperson Laurie Skori was the only nomination in the East and Jeffrey Kimball was the only nomination in the West. 

There are four current trustees who are retiring as Rebecca Heiberg of Beaver County West is stepping down after three terms while Lorrie Sitler of Camrose, Tracee Boast Radley of Flagstaff County East and Susan Chromik of Flagstaff County West are all stepping down after one term. 

For Elk Island Catholic Schools, Rob Baier will be back as a trustee for the Sherwood Park Ward 1, Camrose Electoral Subdivision 2, after no one else put their name forward as a candidate. 

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