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Crops in the Camrose region are doing good

By Ryan Stelter, Camrose Canadian

Wheat field north of Camrose, Alta. Ryan Stelter/Camrose Canadian

Wheat field north of Camrose, Alta. Ryan Stelter/Camrose Canadian

Crops in the Camrose area are looking good according to the latest report released by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.


Southern Alberta is dry, and it gets progressively better as you head north according to crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Harry Brook.

"The further north you go the better the crops are until you get too much rain, Southern Alberta is drier than a popcorn's fart," he said.

The Camrose area in particular is doing well, with favourable conditions for canola, wheat, and barley.

"Camrose has got some great crops," Brook said. "The southern part could use a bit of rain, but most of the crops are in decent soil. They're looking really good."

Brook says after a bad year last year for Camrose, it has returned to long-term average type numbers.

"Camrose got hit so bad with poor harvest conditions last year," he said. "Camrose probably has one of the higher acreages of unseeded land in the province. The stuff that is seeded is looking good, it's still going to need two to three weeks to because it took a while to get on to the fields because they were so wet."

Every year varies according to Brook, so normal is a tough term to define.

"Any year you're going to find areas in the province that are too wet and they'll be ones too dry. This year it's kind of north and west you get into some good crops," he said.

Brook says Eastern Alberta has gone back to that long-term average, after having some better conditions the last few years.

"The last three or four years we've had really good moisture conditions, and if you started farming three or four years ago you're going to be shocked and horrified this year," he said. "We're kind of back to a longer-term average type summer."  

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