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Big Valley Jamboree devoured

By Ryan Stelter, Camrose Canadian

Food is always an important aspect to any event, and Big Valley Jamboree is no exception. 


Once you looked past the ridiculous prices, and dove into the nitty gritty of the food available at BVJ it was actually quite good. When it comes to food, I am nowhere near Jamie Oliver, but more like an Adam Richman of Man vs. Food fame.  

I like any and all types of food, and if my parents are reading this they probably wouldn’t believe me because I was so picky I didn’t even like sauce on my meatballs at one point (send them an email, it’s true). Thank god I am past those days, as I was licking my chops both figuratively and literally at the prospect of “reviewing food” at BVJ.  

Friday was a miserable, wet, mess so I went to some comfort food and got myself some mini donuts and a hot chocolate. Mini donuts are a staple at any festival type event, but it was clutch to be able to have a hot chocolate after getting drenched taking pictures of the legendary George Fox.  

As the weekend progressed, and the weather got nicer, I started to diversify my food choices, kind of. After spending last summer in Berlin, I became obsessed with the döner kebab (donair, for you plebs). I was thrilled when I saw that BVJ was going to have some donair options, something Camrose is so desperately in need of. For those of you who don’t know, Berlin is world famous for their döner kebabs, and Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab claims to have the best on the planet. I waited in line for an hour there to try it and it was phenomenal.  

I wouldn’t say I am a donair expert, but I am very picky about my donairs. Edmonton has some great donair places, and BVJ also had some great donair options. Even though it felt blasphemous to order a “donair” instead of “döner” I ate it anyway. The sweet sauce was great and even though it was not made by a friendly Turkish man in a hole in the wall joint in Berlin, it was a great use of $10. It was so good, I had to buy another one on Sunday.  

If you haven’t noticed, I am kind of obsessed with donairs, but I am also obsessed with anything served in a Doritos bag. Let me tell you, the taco in a bag available from Perks Coffee House, which brought me back to the streets of London because of the red double decker bus it was being served out of, was great. Dallas Niemetz seemed to be all over it when I stopped him for a picture, and I saw plenty of red Doritos bags in many people’s hands throughout the weekend.  

A crowd favourite which I never got the chance to try was the perogies. But let’s face facts, I am from Manitoba, the last thing I want is a perogy. The line was always crazy long, which was another reason I found myself looking elsewhere. 

I snagged a slice from Pizza 73 which was great, because greasy pizza is far better than any other kind. If you disagree I’d be happy to debate you over the subject on Twitter. 

I heard from some very close sources, my editor Josh Aldrich, that the “Philly cheesesteak was “good bang for your buck.” 

Of course, there was also the many dessert options, I nabbed some deep-fried Oreos, which were actually scary good. I grabbed some bubble gum ice cream as well, if you’d like to see me eating that, follow the Camrose Canadian on Instagram (@camrosecdnnews). I got a classic chocolate chip cookie as well. I have yet to try a chocolate chip cookie I haven’t liked so that was pretty easy.  

I did not get to try any of the Chinese food either, so maybe you think this is a very biased food review, well that’s because it is. And I love donairs more. Overall, the food at BVJ was very good, and I was very happy to spend my hard-earned dollars on some greasy street food, because who doesn’t like doing that?   

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