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Eat without sacrifice at Sacred Arts Café

By Marilou Yampolsky, Special to the Camrose Canadian

Ravidass Miller and wife Lisa Borin Miller are giving locals an option where they do not have to choose between a healthy plant-based diet and eating tasty food. Supplied

Ravidass Miller and wife Lisa Borin Miller are giving locals an option where they do not have to choose between a healthy plant-based diet and eating tasty food. Supplied

A local café is out to prove a plant-based diet doesn’t mean just salad. 


At Sacred Arts, owners Ravidass and Lisa Miller believe that food should be healthy and taste amazing. The couple moved to Camrose four and a half years ago as business owners at Swan City Yoga. As vegetarians, they found they had limited restaurant and menu choices. They saw a need for more choice and wanted to create a community gathering space as an extension of yoga. Their unique café has a yogic approach to food. They believe both food and wellness are so important together, that you cannot feel your best if you’re not eating well. Two and a half years ago Sacred Arts opened and the couple has not looked back since. 

The Millers intentionally chose downtown Camrose as the perfect location for their café. According to Ravidass, downtown Camrose “has a unique charm, is community minded and very supportive.” The couple loves Camrose for its size, beauty, and because it’s so friendly. Serving the Camrose community has been rewarding for them and they couldn’t imagine doing business anywhere else.   

The food at Sacred Arts is all prepared in what Ravidass calls a “cold kitchen,” there are no deep fryers here, no open flame. The menu is simple and healthy, and food is prepared fresh. Fresh muffins are baked daily in small batches so according to Lisa, you’ll never be served day old muffins. Sacred Arts muffins contain no white flour, and are also egg free and dairy free. 

According to Lisa, people that choose gluten-free or have allergies are amazed that they can eat anything on the menu. Often when people have food allergies they feel like they have to go without. At Sacred Arts you don’t have to sacrifice to eat well. Ravidass, Lisa, and their daughter can all eat at their own restaurant, Ravidass says he’s likely consumed over 700 Buddha bowls since they’ve opened.  

“It has to taste good and be good for us in order for us to eat it too,” he said, adding they even have sweets like Nanaimo bars.   

If you haven’t been to Sacred Arts Café, these are some of the must-try’s:   

• The Buddha bowl — Sacred Arts serves three different lunch bowls and all have tofu that’s been marinated and baked. Once you’ve tried the Buddha bowl, you’ll be wanting a jar of their special Buddha sauce to take home and cook with whenever you want. Their sauces are made from plant-based all-natural foods. They’re minimally processed with no preservatives.   

• Nanaimo Bar — This bar could be better than any you’ve tried, and truly it is good for you. 

• Golden Milk — This is a tumeric drink can be served cold, hot or in a smoothie. It’s an ancient yogic recipe that’s good for arthritis and joint pain. And it tastes amazing.   

• Cacao milkshake —  Always delicious, and at sacred arts you can have a few milk choices including two per cent, non-fat, or substitute for organic unsweetened soy, coconut, or almond milk.  All whipped cream is made from scratch, you can even choose coconut whipped cream.   

There are a few ways to make food healthy and yet still great tasting. Depending on the recipe they find other ways to sweeten, instead of white sugar they use dates, they also use raw cane sugar, or xilatol which is made from birch bark and does not digest as sugar. They use spelt flour instead of white flour.   

Ravidass and Lisa feel it is important to shop local, so they try to shop local as much as possible. They have some specialty items that come from B.C. but the rest of their supplies are bought in Camrose.   

Sacred Arts partners with Parsnips and Paddocks, and Francois the French raw food chef. The cheesecakes, and a few other treats that sacred arts serves are made by Francois and they sell his organic maple syrup and kale chips as well.   

It is important to the Millers that their café is making a difference. They are on a quest for wellness and believe they are building a sense of meaning, and a way for people to eat better. Many of their customers have become their very close friends.  

These business owners are in our community to also serve our community. Sacred Arts partners with the Camrose Women’s Shelter and mental health. They donate yoga passes for fundraisers but have also made a three-week yoga pass available for sign out at the library. If you’d like to try yoga, you can join the Friday noon class by donation and in August the money goes to the women’s shelter.  

Watch for their seasonal items to come out like the Pumpkin spice latte in the fall made with real pumpkin and organic spices, their regular customers will be lining up for this one in September.   

This local power couple is making an impression, and were asked to serve at Taste of Edmonton’s vegan/vegetarian night this year where they served 800 portions of raw chewy salted caramel cookies and 800 portions of Buddha bowls. It was a big opportunity for this small local restaurant to showcase their products on a grand scale and they were very well received.   

One of their busiest weekends of the year for Sacred Arts is Big Valley Jamboree weekend with visitors stopping in, and a few limos showing up to grab take out to serve the lineup of entertainers and their specific food tastes and requirements. Don’t worry though, even their take-out containers, cups, straws and cutlery are certified compostable. This was very important to the couple, to not contribute to the over 800 billion tons of plastic on the earth today.   

Stop by today and see Ravidass and the team of staff that make Sacred arts the place to be in downtown Camrose! and please “like” Marilous pampered chef on facebook  

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