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Get your gourmet hot dogs on the go

By Marilou Yampolsky, Special to the Camrose Canadian

Janice Duke serves Cole Murray of Camrose a gourmet hot dog for lunch from her Park ‘N Bite food Truck. Marilou Yampolsky/ Camrose Canadian contributor

Janice Duke serves Cole Murray of Camrose a gourmet hot dog for lunch from her Park ‘N Bite food Truck. Marilou Yampolsky/ Camrose Canadian contributor

Camrose has its own local food truck that’s getting some attention this summer. 


The menu at Park ‘n Bite is simple: Polish, or pork and beef hot dogs. What comes next is getting rave reviews, and that’s the onion sauce. This secret recipe was shared from a New York hot dog vendor from the 1950’s.   It’s a must-have that takes your dog from good to great. The sea of toppings you can choose from range from — fried onions, sauerkraut, banana peppers, honey mustard and all the typical favourites — make this meal even more delicious. Every bun is toasted upon order and you can add chips and pop if you’d like to complete your meal. The dogs are gluten and bi-product free and can be served up on a bun or if you’d prefer you can have it on a stick.   

Janice Duke is the owner of this fabulous little business venture and has been serving up amazing hot dogs for the past three years. This year is unique because she’s now got her own bright green trailer that you can’t miss. The entire trailer was renovated by Duke and it adds a ton of character and fun to the experience (check out her renovation album on Facebook and see the transformation this little green trailer went through over two-and-a-half months to become what it is today).  

I spent an hour with Janice in her hot dog trailer parked in the Rona parking lot and was just blown away watching her do her hot dog magic. Duke’s personality is the perfect match for a people business like this. Everyone gets a friendly greeting, chatter through the window as they top their dog, and a funny story or friendly banter. When people have their food they’re welcome to sit on her “patio” in a pair of comfy lawn chairs in the adjacent parking stall.  

People flocked to this hot dog truck.  

She had regulars stop by, she’d see them coming and have their order ready before they even had a chance to say “hello!” Cole Murray is a regular at Park ‘n Bite and said he likes the hot dogs and is always impressed by Duke’s “super friendly service.”  

Chris Cass came in to town from Rosalind and drove all around Camrose to find Park ‘n bite. He spotted the trailer at Rona and treated his wife to lunch off the food truck. This was his fourth visit to the food truck and said it’s “absolutely delicious.” 

From April through October you can find lunch or supper at a few locations around Camrose. The schedule is as follows: Monday at Schnell and Barrie, Tuesday at Mirror Lake, Wednesday at The Auto Shoppe, Thursday at Rona for lunch and downtown at the farmer’s market for supper, Friday at Rona. Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and supper from 4-6 p.m.   

At the Downtown Farmer’s Market, demand is so high Duke is serving a hot dog every minute-and-a-half. 

Duke used to sell pottery at the market and just found this was something that was missing from Camrose. She now sells hot dogs and hasn’t looked back once.  

Duke said Camrose has been welcoming and supportive of her food truck and she loves the business and the customers.   

If you want to see more of this fabulous entrepreneur you can book this truck for your next wedding, family reunion, or special event. You have a pre-pay option if you’d like to treat your guests, or you can bring Duke in with a pay as you go option.   

Park ‘n bite is an approved category D food truck which, according to Alberta health guidelines, means its self-contained, has an approved sink, fridge, and all the things she needs to cook up a safe meal.

Duke has her Alberta foods safety course, a City of Camrose business license and has insurance and liability.   

Duke prides herself in her small-town service and serving up your meal in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. She strives to get to know her regulars and aims to please.  

She also offers a pending meal option. When you visit Park ‘n Bite you can buy a dog for yourself, and a pending dog for someone in need. You can sponsor a hot dog, drink, chips, or coffee and then Duke will use her discretion to pay it forward on your behalf the next time she has a customer in need. You’ll see her pending meals board right across from the payment window, it’s a nice way to give back. 

Michelle Brosinsky and her husband love to try out different food trucks when they’re in Edmonton, stopped by Park n Bite for the first time and said “how cool to have an option like this in Camrose.” 

If you’re in a hurry and want to race by the trailer and just grab your meal, you can text your order to 780-226-5436 and she’ll have your order ready. If you aren’t sure where she is on location on a specific day use the “text to find me” option and Duke will let you know where to find your next meal.   

Follow Park ‘n Bite on Facebook and Instagram or online at to keep up to date on what’s happening with your favourite hot dog vendor. and please “like” Marilous pampered chef on facebook 


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