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Decadent design and delicious chocolates

By Marilou Yampolsky, Special to the Camrose Canadian

Sandra Huseby and Judi Nierbergall show off a line of designer chocolates at Studio 49 Home & Design in Camrose.

Sandra Huseby and Judi Nierbergall show off a line of designer chocolates at Studio 49 Home & Design in Camrose.

Have you met Sandra Huseby? She is the owner and designer of that “little shop that’s big on Design,” Studio 49 Home & Design. Sandra is a woman of vision, she can take a blank canvas and turn it into a space that’s on trend and beautiful. This business owner thinks outside the box, and has filled her shop with specialty home treasures of all sorts from design to décor, personal to practical.   


One of the exclusive specialty items she carries is chocolate. And not just any chocolate, Jacek chocolate.

Before launching this product in her Camrose location, Huseby researched Jacek and felt a strong personal connection to the back story and vision of chocolatier and owner Jackie Jacek. This fabulous entrepreneur is from a small rural community. She studied chocolate overseas and then returned to her roots to launch her business from her home based chocolate studio. Jacek has grown her business to become a company that sources chocolate from five different countries and is renowned for their intention to be a merchant of joy, selling ethically sourced, locally made chocolate that tastes like none other. Jacek has an in-house bean to bar line.  They meticulously sort, roast, winnow and refine the cocoa beans on location at their Sherwood Park studio. This chocolate is such a perfect fit in this local design shop. The bars are called fabric, and are all named after fashion icons. Just like high end design, they launch seasonal collections four times a year.    

To help launch this exclusive collection, Jacek chocolates experience manager Judi Nierbergall partnered with Huseby to host a Jacek catered chocolate tasting at Studio 49 Home & Design. This was an experience like none other. Each guest got to sit down to a collection of chocolates ranging from natural cocoa nibs to a 90 per cent Dominican republic chocolate. We learned how to savour, taste and smell the different hues of flavour within. Before each tasting, guests got to snap the chocolate in half to hear the sound, smell the aroma and then experience the flavour. Just like any tasting, you need to clear your palette between flavours, and we learned about each unique chocolate and the process that Jacek goes through to develop each unique piece.   

Jacek chocolate is ethically sourced. All of their chocolate is grown on farms that are family owned and operated. The chocolate farms take pride in their work, some of the farmers even talk to their chocolate trees! The beans are harvested from five different countries to take advantage of the different soil, weather, and farming style which creates a variety of chocolate that brings a rich diversity to the Jacek collection.   

This chocolate tasting showed us how to pair chocolate with different wines, meats, cheeses, fondues, even charcutiere. Entertaining will be heightened in Camrose as all the participants will have a new technique to try and will want to share their new appreciation for chocolate!

Jacek chocolate is very choosy about who carries their brand, and they are very proud that Studio 49 home & Design is the only local access to Jacek chocolate in Camrose.    

Huseby wants Camrose residents to have local access to beautiful quality specialty entertaining items, gifts and housewares, not have to drive to Edmonton, or search online to get what they need. Studio 49 Home & Design at 4904 49 Ave. is a small shop filling a much needed niche in Camrose.  

Watch for other upcoming workshops like her Trunk show on April 2 where guests will learn how to dress their dinner tables with table linens from Garner Thiebault. Easter Chocolates will be in March 17, and while you are there expect to be impressed. If she doesn’t have what you are looking for she’s happy to use her connections to find and special order the items you need.  

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