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Farm families honoured with annual awards

Laurie Callsen

Laurie Callsen

Camrose Canadian

Farm families and three individuals were honoured last week at Agricultural Awards Banquet, awarded by Camrose County.

Ben Hirsch, the late Gus Lindstrom and Marvin Shultz were the 2010 Agricultural Wall of Honour recipients.

Camrose County reeve Don Gregorwich applauded the winners for the commitment and volunteerism within the county communities.

"These three men, through their volunteerism and their hard work, through their commitment and their dreaming and visions, have absolutely put together some astounding accomplishments."

Ben Hirsch

Hirsch is known in the Camrose area as a commercial horse breeder with strong roots in the community. He helped found the Easy Rider 4-H club and he, as well as his family, remained active in the 4-H community.

Hirsch then got involved with the Agricultural Society in 1949, and is currently an honorary member on the board of directors.

Hirsch was also instrumental in construction of the Camrose Regional Exhibition.

"The reason we are all sitting in this building, on this particular piece of land is because Ben . picked this exact spot," said presenter Tammy Wolman.

"Here is where the Camrose Agricultural Society would build their facilities. Here is where this organization would begin their journey into becoming a rich, regional centre for the province of Alberta."

Gus Lindstrom

The Swedish immigrant, who settled in the Meeting Creek area, was a fixture of the agriculture community. Lindstrom was the provincial director of the Alberta Association of Seed Cleaning Plants, earning the title of the longest serving member on the board.

In a letter of recommendation for the wall of honour, past president of the provincial seed cleaning board member Wayne Jackson commended Lindstrom for his hard work.

"Gus was a strong driving force in the provincial association. He often worked diligently behind the scenes to get the job completed and rarely did he get the credit that he deserved."

Lindstrom moved to Canada as a toddler and soon began work as an electrician in the Bashaw area.

"Gus was first and foremost a farmer," recalled wife Linda.

"He was an agricultural entrepreneur and had the foresight to see that the seed treatment and cleaning played a vital part in the future of the grain farm."

Marvin Shultz

Shultz is known in the Hay Lakes community as the friendly farmer who hosts school field trips and tours of his dairy barn, said presenter Barry Arnett.

"The Shultz farm family truly wanted to share their world with others," said Arnett.

Shultz and his wife also grew forage and cereal grains, added one new building to their farmyard skyline and sponsored two agricultural exchanges.

"Marvin has always taken an active interest in his community," said Arnett.

He also was project director for the Hay Lakes Agriculture Society's new multi-use facility, which will house a skate park, cattle show area, a kitchen and meeting room.

"There are very few people that go that extra mile to show the leadership that Marvin Shultz has shown."

Century Farm Award winners


- Anderson Family est. 1902

- Bergstrom Family est. 1902

- Butler Family est. 1901

- Campbell Family est. 1901

- Dingman Family est. 1900

- Durand Family est. 1898

- Grundberg Family est. 1904

- Hagstrom Family est. 1904

- Helmig Family est. 1903

- Hunter Family est. 1901

- Huseby Family est. 1905

- Hutchinson Family est. 1900

- Johnson Family est. 1907

- Jones Family est. 1903

- Kaser Family est. 1909

- Lidberg Family est. 1908

- Lohner Family est. 1902

- Lotzer and Drader Families est. 1905

- Maruschak Family est. 1902

- Pederson Family est. 1902

- Pelz Family est. 1901

- Peterson Family est. 1910

- Rutz Family est. 1900

- Sayers Family est. 1901

- Scabar Family est. 1907

- Stolee Family est. 1902

- Strilchuk Family est. 1902

- Strilchuk Family est. 1904

- Sweeney Family est. 1905

- Thompson Family est. 1902

- Tylosky Family est. 1903

- Tylosky-Severson Family est. 1903

- Young Family est. 1900

- Zimmerman Family est. 1901

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