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Heartwood for calm mood

MURRAY GREEN Camrose Canadian

After a full day of stress, nothing is more relaxing than listening to Sora's CD Heartwood.

With each word she paints a picture of calmness that can take your thoughts away to a distant place of serenity. Sora's ability to conjure scenes of nature through her lyrics stems from the deep meaning she finds in the natural world.

"I am natural and enjoy organic design, music and writing. That is what inspires me...the feeling of fiery leaves falling around as you walk on an autumn day, a cherry tree full to the brim with blushing lyrics come from there. My ultimate goal in my music would be to create something that people could find themselves in; that they would want to listen to and get lost in."

Since releasing her first album Winds of Change in 2003, a collection of folk songs from the British Isles, her talents have been getting increasing support from industry and fans. In the year and a half that followed she began writing her own material, which led to the recording of a demo with Romanow in late 2006.

Her creation Heartwood doesn't contain any country or rock songs. Her voice carries her with soft background of harps, violins and piano. She has written all of the songs and has a solid future in writing and singing ahead of her.

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